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Xtirpa™ Davit Arm And Mast System For Ppe



For work areas that require regular set-up and tear-down and where a base can be permanently affi xed to an existing structure, Adapter Base Systems are an ideal solution. These systems consist of a davit arm, mast, retrieval device and adapter base. This lightweight, reliable and easy to install system facilitates access to vertical confi ned spaces. The universal mast and davit arm allow for fall protection and retrieval and can be used and installed in many different adapter bases. The davit arm is equipped with a 5000 lb. ( 2268 kg ) anchor point.

  • WeiGHt CaPaCity - 360 lb. ( 163 kg )


  • WeiGHt CaPaCity - 360 lb. ( 163 kg )

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