Our mission

INNOVA reinvents the approach to solving safety issues in order to make workers life easier and safer.

At INNOVA we are committed to designing, quality manufacturing, and supplying the most innovative fall protection and retrieval systems on the market. Our core mission is to reinvent safety, to provide solutions and systems that will help industry to minimize injuries and maintain a safe workplace environment for all workers. For many years, industry and workers were left with several unconventional confined spaces which had no adequate systems to ensure a safe working environment. INNOVA and its experienced and dedicated staff are able to create a safe working place with ergonomic solutions for everyone performing tasks in a confined space.

Our story

Founded in 1998, INNOVA brings a new company image and a new partnership is born.

This new partnership brings on board Mr. Denis Poissant, who, with his experience in the field of electric utilities, generates a change of direction in the company. The two partners, Mr. Martin Dufour and Mr. Denis Poissant, propel their business from a 20x20 basement to a 23 000 square foot location with fifty employees. A building expansion is forecasted in the near future.

INNOVA first carved a prominent place in the area of distribution of specialized products to companies such as Hydro-Québec and Bell Canada. These high quality products were used in the construction and maintenance of electrical and communication networks, allowing INNOVA to become well known throughout many Quebec companies.

Following two years of research and an initial contract for 287 units of the barricade and davit arm system, in 2000, INNOVA saw a business opportunity and a huge market for their safety products. Deciding to attack the world of safety to become a major player within this market, INNOVA invested heavily in engineering, designing, skilled workers, and superior manufacturing equipment. By using an aircraft grade aluminum alloy, INNOVA has created a complete line of products, XTIRPA™, which is one of the most innovative and ergonomic lines in the fall protection and retrieval system for all conventional and unconventional confined space entry. INNOVA is always seeking new opportunity and is continuously improving and enlarging its product range with the latest technology. INNOVA will continue to innovate, to offer its world-wide customers the most ergonomic and custom products to perform their work safely.

Our gut

Engineering and crafting

INNOVA is continuously investing in the most performing CAD programs, CNC machining, Robotic welding and testing equipment in order to supply simple and advanced products for the safety market.

Our greatest investment of all is ‘’Our People’’. Our dedicated, energetic, and most innovative team of designers, engineers and manufacturing workforce are committed to the optimization of every system we conceive. They understand the importance of listening to the customer’s needs and are able to create systems to meet and exceed any expectations.