The strongest product on the market

INNOVA offers its worldwide customers uncompromising, high quality and innovative systems. INNOVA, with its XTIRPA™ Fall Protection and Rescue line of products, will always meet the most demanding fall protection requirements. We are firm believers that ambiguities are hazardous to workers. That is why all XTIRPA™ systems are AWFA, (ALL WAYS FALL ARREST), in all recommended positions of use.


State of the art testing facilities

INNOVA is proud to conceive and manufacturer the most versatile and ergonomic products in the safety business. This is why we have developed a test lab that enables us to improve and optimize our concepts. The lab uses controlled weights and sensors that are continuously calibrated to our ISO-9001 QC management program. This enables us to test static, dynamic, and stability behaviours of our products in order to meet or exceed ANSI, OSHA, CSA and CE standards.
We are presently in the process of acquiring third party recognition in order to meet the ISO-17025 standard.


Implementing rigorous quality control measures is key to manufacturing the safest products for our industry.

INNOVA has set forth a product traceability process in our production operations and ISO-9001. We are able to trace, by product serial numbers, all critical materials from our factory suppliers. We can identify specific products that need special attention. This permits INNOVA to remain committed to providing high quality products and services to our customers.